og 2 口语task4范文

1、题目关键词:explain, examples
(1)summarize the difference in the ways people explain behavior.
(2)describe the examples discussed by the professor.
(1)We tend to attribute other peoples actions to their character or their personality, but explain our own behavior in terms of situational factors beyond our own control.
(2)People are aware of the situational forces affecting them but not of situational forces affecting other people.
(1)When the professor saw someone cut right in front of him before he got in line, he simply thought this man was rude without thinking about possible reasons.
(2)When the professor did the same thing on another day because he was in a hurry, he didnt think himself as rude because he had to attend an important meeting.
(1)In this set of materials, the reading passage is (the title of the reading passage) and the listening material is a lecture on this topic.
(2)The reading material mainly introduces ...
(3)In the listening material, the professor gives two examples to illustrate ...
(4)One is ... The other is ...
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