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Do you know what a resolution is? It`s a kind of promise. Most of the time ,we make promises to other people. ("Mom,I promise I`m going to tidy my room when I get back from school.")However,promise you make to yourself are resolutions and the most commom kind is New Year`s resolutions. When wo make resolutions at the beginning of the year,we hope that we are going to improve our lives. Some people write down their resolutions and plans for the coming year. This helps them to remember their resolutions. Others tell their family and friends about their wishes and plans.
there are different kinds of resolutions. Some are about physical health. For example,some people promise themselves thay are going to start an exercise program or eat less fast food. Many resolutions have to do with self-improvement. some people might say they are going to take up a hobby like painting or taking photos,or learn to play the guitar. Some resolutions have to do with better planning,like making a weekly plan for schoolwork.
Although there are differences,most resolutions have one thing in common. People hardly ever keep them ! Sometimes the resolutions may be too diffcult to keep. Sometimes people just forget about them. For this reason,some people say the best resolution is to have no resolutions! Hwo about you -will you make any next year?
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